Weekend of May 26

  • Terence Davies
    A Quiet Passion

    Drama, 122 minutes, PG-13

    A Quiet Passion is Terence Davies' biographical drama detailing the life of Emily Dickinson her loves, her struggles and her magnificent poetry.

    FRI 2 & 5:30 | SAT 1 & 7:30 | SUN 3

  • Ritesh Batra
    The Sense of an Ending

    Drama, 102 minutes, PG-13

    A man becomes haunted by his past and is presented with a mysterious legacy that causes him to re-think his current situation in life.

    FRI 8:30 | SAT 4 | SUN 12 & 6

Weekend of June 1

  • Deconstructing the Beatles: Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

    Narrative, 120 minutes, NR

    THIS IS A SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT- NO DISCOUNTS. Beatles expert Scott Freiman looks at Sgt. Pepper from multiple angles, exploring the history behind the music. Mr. Freiman conducts an educational journey into the creative process of The Beatles performances and recording sessions.

    THURS 7

Weekend of June 2

  • Vanessa Gould

    Documentary, 93 minutes, NR

    How do you put a life into 500 words?

    FRI 2 & 8:30 | SAT 4 | SUN 12 & 6 | MON 7

  • Danièle Thompson
    Cezanne and I

    Drama, 117 minutes, French, R

    Painter Paul Cézanne develops a strong friendship with writer Émile Zola in 19th-century France.

    FRI 5:30 | SAT 1 & 7:30 | SUN 3

Weekend of June 9

  • Bruno Dumont
    Slack Bay

    Comedy, 122 minutes, French, English, NR

    Inspectors Machin and Malfoy investigate after tourists vanish from beaches on the Channel Coast.

    FRI 2 & 8:30 | SAT 4 | SUN 3

  • Werner Herzog
    Queen of the Desert

    Drama, 122 minutes, PG-13

    A chronicle of Gertrude Bell's life, a traveler, writer, archaeologist, explorer, cartographer, and political attaché for the British Empire at the dawn of the twentieth century.

    FRI 5:30 | SAT 1 & 7:30 | SUN 12 & 6 | MON 7

Weekend of June 16

  • Albert Serra
    The Last Days of Louis XIV

    Drama, 115 minutes, French, NR

    Upon returning from a hunting expedition, King Louis XIV feels a sharp pain in his leg. He begins to die, surrounded by loyal followers in the royal chambers.

    FRI 2 & 8:30 | SAT 4 | SUN 6

  • Lydia Tenaglia
    Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent

    Documentary, 120 minutes, R

    Both a biopic of a complicated man and an exploration of the gathering forces that converged to shape a new American cuisine and create the cult of "celebrity chef."

    FRI 5:30 | SAT 1 & 7:30 | SUN 12 & 3 | MON 7

Weekend of June 22

  • U23D

    Music, 84 minutes, NR

    This one-night only screening is a partnership with Theatre N, Penn Cinema and Out & About Magazine, and will take place at Penn Cinema. Shot at seven different shows on the global "Vertigo" tour, this production employs the greatest number of 3-D cameras ever used for a single project.


Weekend of June 23

  • Joseph Cedar
    Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer

    DramaThriller, 118 minutes, R

    Norman Oppenheimer is a small time operator who befriends a young politician at a low point in his life. Three years later, when the politician becomes an influential world leader, Norman's life dramatically changes for better and worse.

    FRI 2 & 8:30 | SAT 4 PM | SUN 12 & 6

  • Nacho Vigalondo

    ThrillerComedy, 110 minutes, R

    In this observant, entertaining, wildly imaginative movie, just about everything has more than one meaning.

    FRI 5:30 | SAT 1 & 7:30 | SUN 3 | MON 7

Weekend of June 30

  • David Fairhead
    Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo

    Documentary, 101 minutes, NR

    Documentary about NASA mission controllers of the 1960s and early ’70s is the '20 Feet from Stardom' of spaceflight, giving these mostly background players the prominence and applause they deserve.

    FRI 2 & 8:30 | SAT 4 | SUN 6

  • Eleanor Coppola
    Paris Can Wait

    ComedyRomanceDrama, 92 minutes, PG

    When her director husband is occupied with work in Paris, an American woman takes a jaunt with his business associate, a charming Gallic rogue who is happy to squire her on a tour of some of the finest meals in Provence.

    FRI 5:30 | SAT 1 & 7:30 | SUN 12 & 3 | MON 7

Weekend of July 7

  • Azazel Jacobs
    The Lovers

    Comedy, 95 minutes, R

    Debra Winger and Tracy Letts play a long-married, dispassionate couple who are both in the midst of serious affairs. But on the brink of calling it quits, a spark between them suddenly reignites, leading them into an impulsive romance.

  • Alexander Janko
    Year by the Sea

    DramaComedyRomance, 114 minutes, NR

    Hoping to reclaim who she was before marriage and children, an empty nester retreats to Cape Cod where she embarks upon a quest to set herself free.

    FRI 5:30 | SAT 1 & 7:30 | SUN 12 & 6

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