Weekend of February 24

  • Garth Davis

    Drama, 118 minutes, English, Bengali, Hindi, Rated PG-13

    The true story of a life lost and found, nominated for 6 Academy Awards.

    FRI 2 & 8:30 | SAT 4 & 7:30 | SUN 12 & 6

  • John Carney
    Sing Street

    Comedy, Drama, Music, 106 minutes, Rated PG-13

    A boy growing up in Dublin during the 1980s escapes his strained family life by starting a band to impress the mysterious girl he likes. Nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy.

    FRI 5:30 | SAT 1 | SUN 3

Weekend of March 3

  • Otto Bell
    The Eagle Huntress

    Documentary/Adventure/Family, 87 minutes, Kazakh, Rated G

    The spellbinding true story about a 13-year-old girl on an epic journey to gain victory in a faraway land.

    FRI 2 & 8:30 | SAT 4 & 7:30 | SUN 12 & 6

  • Roberto Sneider
    You're Killing Me Susana

    Comedy, Drama, Romance, 100 minutes, NR

    A young Mexican man's quest to find and recover his wife, Susana, who without a word, left Mexico City behind for a writer's conference held in the chilly U.S. heartland.

    FRI 5:30 | SAT 1 | SUN 3

Weekend of March 10

  • Benjamin Millepied

    Documentary, 110 minutes, NR

    Reset is a moving portrait of a landmark moment for one of the ballet’s oldest institutions and one of its brightest new stars, both on the cusp of great transition.

    FRI 2 | SAT 7:30 | SUN 3

  • Claude Barras
    My Life as a Zucchini

    Animated, 75 minutes, English and French, PG

    After losing his mother, Zucchini learns to love and trust on his search for a new family. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film of the Year.

    FRI 5:30 | SAT 1 | SUN 12

  • Ceyda Torun

    Documentary, 80 minutes, NR

    A profile of an ancient city (Istanbul) and its unique people, seen through the eyes of the most mysterious and beloved animal humans have ever known, the Cat.

    FRI 8:30 | SAT 3 | SUN 6

Weekend of March 17

  • Stephen Gaghan

    Adventure/Drama/Thriller, 121 minutes, Rated R

    An unlikely pair venture to the Indonesian jungle in search of gold.

    FRI 2 & 7:30 | SAT 4 | SUN 3

  • Roger Ross Williams
    Life, Animated

    Documentary, 89 minutes, Rated PG

    A boy who does not speak, and his family, discover a unique way to communicate by immersing themselves in the world of classic Disney animated films. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature Film of the Year.

    FRI 5:30 | SAT 1 & 7:30 | SUN 12 & 6

Weekend of March 24

  • Cosmo Feilding-Mellen
    The Sunshine Makers

    Documentary, 101 minutes, NR

    The story of Nicholas Sand and Tim Scully, the unlikely duo at the heart of 1960s American drug counter-culture.

    FRI 2 & 8:30 | SAT 4 | SUN 12

  • Simon Stone
    The Daughter

    Drama, 96 minutes, NR

    The story follows a man who returns home to discover a long-buried family secret, and whose attempts to put things right threaten the lives of those he left home years before.

    FRI 5:30 | SAT 1 & 7:30 | SUN 3 & 6

Weekend of March 31

  • Paul Verhoeven

    Drama/Thriller, 130 minutes, French, Rated R

    A successful businesswoman gets caught up in a game of cat and mouse as she tracks down the unknown man who raped her. Nominated for a Golden Globe and won the Academy Award for Best Actress. Also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Motion Picture- Foreign Language.

    FRI | SAT | SUN

  • Mike Mills
    20th Century Women

    Drama/Comedy, 119 minutes, R

    The story of three women (Annette Bening, Greta Gerwig & Elle Fanning) who explore love and freedom in Southern California during the late 1970s.

    FRI 2 & 8:30 | SAT 4 | SUN 12

Weekend of April 7

  • Olivier Assayas
    Personal Shopper

    Drama, 105 minutes, English & French, R

    A personal shopper in Paris, grieving the recent death of her twin brother, haunts his Paris home, determined to make contact with him.

    APR 7- 9: FRI 2 & 8:30| SAT 4 | SUN 12 & 6; APR 14- 16: FRI 5:30 | SAT 1 & 7:30 | SUN 3

  • Bart Freundlich

    Drama, 110 minutes, R

    Anthony’s dreams of playing college ball are jeopardized by his volatile father, a hard-drinking writer whose compulsive gambling threatens to derail the lives of both his family.

    FRI 5:30 | SAT 1 & 7:30 | SUN 3

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